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My love of training dogs started young with a doggy daycare/agility training program I ran out of my backyard in elementary school (much to my parents dismay). After losing our second family dog to cancer, at the age of 16 I adopted an agressive mixed breed dog from the Humane Society named Kalli. I took my first professional training classes in an effort to make Kalli a safe member of the dog community. It was a mixed blessing that this training class failed to address the aggression issues. Through trial and error and watching other trainers, I finally figured out the right balance to my training that allowed Kalli to stop her aggressive behaviour.

In 2008 I graduated from the University of Guelph with a B.Sc. in Wildlife Biology and dreams of living in the woods with a pack of wolves, studying their behaviour. Turns out that this job is not actually realistic, so I decided to explore the world of dog training and earned certifications in dog training from the Animal Behaviour College and the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers before returning to school to study veterinary technology at Ridgetown College. I am currently combining my knowledge of biology, psychology, medicine and dog training to provide unique and effective training and behaviour modification programs.

I started teaching classes in 2008 for another local dog training business and opened Eden Dog Academy in 2014 to help other people make the most out of their difficult dogs. My clients over the years have been my greatest inspiration in my goal to create the best behaviour modification program I can. Their passion for what I do continues to add fire to my dreams and pushes me to be better and better with every year that goes by. 

Kalli ~ 1998-2014

Current Dogs 

Stellar Ambition CD, CRXMCL, RNMCL

Meet Stella, my Newfoundland X Lab, affectionately deemed the Goofoundlab. Stella is literally a star in Rally-Obedience where her sparkling personality and humour shine through during her routines. Stella also has a blast training for Treibball (pic above) and learning fun tricks.

K'Falcore von Stalworth CD, RAMCL, CRXMCL, AgN, ADC, SGDC

Falcor is a German Shepherd who's favorite sport is agility but he enjoys anything that involves speed and accuracy. He has been successful in Rally-O and is working on his Obedience titles too. He has also tried sheep herding, tracking and scent discrimination and proven he is up for any challenge with his amazing work ethic.