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K.N. with Riley - Client

Erika is wonderful and we are so happy to have found her. I highly recommend Erika for your training needs! Erika not only helps train your dog but also teaches you how to use her training methods and the reason behind them. The training she provides is something that will work in your and your dog's everyday life. Working with Erika you learn what subtle changes to look for in your dog's body language in order to be proactive rather than reactive. I don't know where we would be today without Erika, she has a natural ability with training but also has the education to back it up. If you choose Erika to help you with your dog, you are in great hands.

J.V. with Soul and SiFi - Client

If you are struggling with a reactive dog, you should ABSOLUTELY work with Erika. Sounds clichéd, but I really only regret not working with her sooner.

I could write a small novel but will try to be brief. Erika is truly gifted in working with reactive dogs. I appreciated her approach: positive/empathic approach to the dogs' emotional state, works to address the route cause not just mask the symptoms through force; exceptional problem solving skills to find the right strategies for the individual dog, science based approach geared to how dogs learn, ongoing coaching for the handler to help build their own skills and confidence, and an amazing ability to read the most subtle of dog body language that most miss.

N.C with Rambo - Client

Erika has done a super job helping me with my German Shepherd. Got him as a rescue at ten months of age. He had several issues and we needed a few private lessons at the beginning. Then he did agility, obedience,and Treiball classes with Erika. He is three now and is becoming an amazing service dog with Erika's continued help and guidance.

 K.O. with Mila and Dorothy - Client

I am always amazed by how much I am able to learn from you. You definitely make dog's (and their owners) lives better. Any dog that gets to work with you is a lucky dog!

K.R. - Long time friend and fellow dog enthusiast

[On Erika's character] I can definitely testify that she is an exceptionally kind handler, who is always at the forefront of the most effective and humane techniques available.