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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between obedience training and behaviour modification?

Obedience Training Behaviour Modification

  • Addresses physical behaviours
    (the things you can see)
  • Teaches the dog commands to follow that help you
    direct and control your dog on a day to day basis.
  • Teaches the dog what they are not allowed to do
  • Establishes rules and boundaries 
  • Addresses both the physical behaviours and the emotions that control them
  • Teaches the dog to self regulate using environmental cues
  • Teaches commands but includes skills that directly address the problem behaviour
  • Teaches the dog what not to do with a focus on eliminating the cause of the problem
  • Establishes rules and boundaries
  • Includes managment to prevent problems from coming back
  • Incorporates nutrition, exercise and medical management

What should you look for in a behaviour consultant?

  • Science background - biology, psychology, nutrition, and behaviour; because a thorough understanding of how the animal works is key 
  • Education and experience in veterinary medicine - ability to identify illness contributing to the behaviour problem
  • Education and certification in obedience training - tells you the trainer meets a governing body's standards and that they have the background knowledge necessary to solve your problems
  • Practical training skills  - instructors should have obedience or sport titles on their own dogs plus reccomendations from other students that support their skills 

Can my dog's aggression and reactivity actually be fixed?

The answer to that for the most part is yes. We have many options for treating aggression and reactivity in dogs today that previously were not available or not fully understood. Problems that are resistant to change with training alone can benefit from medical interventions and management solutions that get rid of many of the behaviours you want to see eliminated. With a multi-factorial behaviour modification plan that includes training, nutrition, exercise, management and veterinary medicine, we can make improvements to any behaviour problem.