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Reactive and Aggressive Dog Program (RaAD)

What does a reactive dog look like? 

  • Lunging
  • Barking and/or growling
  • Snarling and/or snapping
  • Pulling on the leash towards or away from something
  • Over excited
  • Fearful or Anxious
  • Will not listen to commands
  • Typically will not follow through on their threat to bite
  • Often mislabled as aggressive behaviour

What is aggression?

  • Intent to do harm to a person or animal
  • May have already landed bites
  • Can include any of the characteristics of a reactive dog
  • Posturing and guarding behaviours
  • Predatory behaviours
  • Many types of aggression have been defined

FAQ: What is the difference between obedience training and behaviour modification?

FAQ: What should you look for in a behaviour consultant?

FAQ: Can my dog's aggression and reactivity actually be fixed?

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Helpful Tips for Behaviour Modification:

1. BREATHE! If you aren’t calm, your dog isn’t either.

2. Remind yourself that it never pays to rush the process. Some dogs need more time than others.

3. You can never overdo it with praise, treats and play. If you like it, acknowledge it and pay it. 

4. You will have your ups and downs but during your downs keep your focus on how far you have come together.

5. Keep records and take videos so you have an objective way to judge your progress.  

6. You and your dog are on the same team. They are reacting because they are upset, not because they want to make you angry.

7. If you are tempted to MAKE the dog do something, you have already gone too far, too fast.