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Service Dogs 

Are you a person with a disability looking to train your own service dog? Here are a couple ways I can help you make your dream a reality with the least amount of stress and guessing possible:

  • Create a profile of the perfect service dog candidate
  • Locating and interviewing breeders
  • Temperament testing puppies to ensure they have the traits you are looking for
  • Testing adult dogs for safety and suitability for the job they will be performing
  • Develop a training plan to ensure; puppy socialization, public access training, task training, and testing are completed properly and in a timely fashion 

Did you know that hiring a professional trainer to help you select and train your service dog results in fewer wash outs and faster results? This means that hiring a trainer will save you time and money and prevent disappointment. Please contact me to see what I can do for you. For clients too far for travel I can do Skype counseling sessions to help you make a plan to ensure success. 


This is my medical assitance service dog Falcor. We started our journey of owner training in 2011 and he completed his training by the age of 1 and a half. This dog is a powerhouse who learns fast and has been the best service dog partner I could hope for. 


River is a yellow lab that came to me for training in 2014. He spent almost a year with me before continuing his training with his owner since his owner was too sick to raise a puppy. He lives full time with his owner now and I'm happy to report that they are conquering the world together. I get hilarious stories about their adventures on a regular basis. 


Samson has been training for most of 2017 and his owner and I are both very pleased with his progress. He is a great little guy with a big heart.

We have also welcomed Onyx into the service dog family in 2017. She is a Bouvier with hopes of becoming a medical assistance and mobility support service dog. 

Both of these dogs have great futures ahead of them!